Breakup Pain Turned into the Ultimate Positive Experience

breakup pain

I know your breakup is one of the most challenging emotional experiences you may ever face in your lifetime, but you can turn your breakup pain into a positive experience by making a choice right now. A choice to… Get busy livin’ or get busy sorrowin’. That’s my spin on the classic quote from the … Read more

Breadcrumbs Ex’s Send and the Huge Mistake Most Guys Make

breadcrumbs ex

Suddenly, you feel something vibrate in your front pocket. The pulsating music in the background is giving you a headache, so you rush to the corner, pull out your phone and OUT OF NOWHERE, your ex just sent you another breadcrumb: Hey. It’s 12:07am. What would YOU do? Breadcrumbs ex’s send In the world of … Read more

Dating After a Breakup Is Extremely Risky

dating after a breakup

It’s Saturday night and the sun’s been down for hours. You are contemplating dating after a breakup, but the problem is that you are lacking motivation to do anything. The desire to go out, mingle, and be social just isn’t there. So you do what 40% of single people do in 2018 — download a … Read more