How to Read Her Mind

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In everyday life, we all have a 6th sense. Some of us are masters at it, while others don't even know it exists.

With this guide and practice, you will be AMAZED about what you can discover about your ex.


You’ll be able to know what they are THINKING just through their body language. You will be shocked to find out what you're giving away.

That’s power.

There are many body language cues that you can learn to know whether the date is going great or if it’s not going as planned. We as people lie to each other for many reasons. We don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, we don’t like confrontation or we don’t like that bad feeling lingering between us.

Except, there are body language signals that we give off that exposes our lies.

On a study on communication, it was found that a staggering 80% of our communication is body language. This non-verbal communication is controlled by the limbic part of our brain, which is what controls your heart rate or digestion.

In other words, these signals happen — automatically.

Visualize going on the first date with your ex since you’ve been broken up and being able to be 80% sure of how they truly feel inside (even if they are sending you mixed signals).

Imagine the confidence it will give you.

Envision being able to see them and recognize instantly what she's thinking and guide them to feeling differently and more favorable towards you. Because you can do this, and if you do it correctly, you know who you become?

The person that they can’t live without.

I’VE included the 10 most scientifically proven attraction body language signals that women give off when they are attracted to another person.

FREE BONUS: As a bonus, you will receive 4 powerful delicate trick's, that you can use to determine just how attracted your ex is to you when you see them.

Because the more aware you become, the better able you are to determine how they feel about you.

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