5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Back Together with an Ex

Wherever you are in your relationship journey, you reach a point where you need to make a move that can seriously impact your life. Maybe your goal is to move on from your old relationship or maybe it’s geting back together with an ex. Frankly, it’s not my job to play god and tell you what to do here, I’m just some guy from the internet.

That decision is yours.

What I can help you with are questions to ask yourself before getting back together with an ex. Over the years of speaking with people about their breakups, I’ve boiled down 5 critical questions you should consider before going back to your old relationship.

The 5 questions to ask

Here they are:

1. Is trust compromised? This is king. If you want your ex back and trust is a question mark, you have to ask yourself how long are you willing to endure the state of limbo? If you lied, she likely will be monitoring you for a while. If they lied, how long are you willing to monitor them before you wholeheartedly forgive?

2. Do I only want them back because I can’t have them? This is an ego trip for a lot of guys, but getting your ex back because of this is wrong, and likely you will break up again down the road. Actually, I’m certain you will breakup again.

3. Am I ready for the next chapter? If you do get back together, it will take the form of a new relationship. Can you handle the change?

4. What will I do…if it happens again? What if you end up being the couple that’s always changing their relationships status on Facebook and I want to unfollow? (Please don’t tell me that’s you) Think that’s healthy mentally?

5. Am I confident? If you find yourself persuading them to give you another chance, you have to ask yourself…

“What does that say about me? That I have to convince someone to be with me.”

The harsh reality

The reality is, this is your life. No one gives a shit about what you are going to do with your ex as much as you think and you shouldn’t care about their opinion of you anyways.

But you should care about what you think of yourself.


What are some questions you ask yourself getting back together with an ex? Let me know in the comments.