How to be irresistible during COVID-19

We are living in some historic times.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to deal with your former partner when you can’t see them face-to-face due to COVID-19.

Because this is the case, I recommend following the 3 P’s.

Pleasant. Positive. Playful.

Think about it.

When is the last time you didn’t want to talk to someone who exhibited those 3 behaviors? It doesn’t happen often.

Let me break each of these down:

Positive. Self-explanatory, but don’t talk about negative stuff. Who wants to hear about your shitty day right now? No one (including me).

Playful. Keep the conversation light and humorous when you can. Funny trumps all. Ask the creators of Seinfeld, they created a show about nothing based on this philosophy alone.

Pleasant. Ask for nothing in return and be a joy to chat with.

Combine all three and you have the formula to be literally IRRESISTIBLE.

Right now, we all have to respect the new social-distancing rules put in place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move in the right direction with your relationship.

So whether you are trying to mend a prior relationship or create attraction with someone else, following the 3 P’s as a guideline will help you get there.

Focus on what you can control and forget about the stuff you can’t.

This is how you achieve peace of mind, respect for yourself, and ultimately, a life worth living.

If you have a unique situation you want to discuss with me, hit me up. Your first call with me is on the house, and I won’t keep this offer around long.

Stay safe,