One killer secret to smash your social anxiety when it comes to dating

Have you ever wanted to walk up to a girl and say something, but couldn’t because the social anxiety when it comes to dating was just too much to deal with?

Maybe you thought, “The moment I engage in a conversation…nothing happens (either I come off boring or I say something corny).”

Or maybe you keep wondering, “What if I mess up?”

simpson doh

Guys often overthink every social situation with what if. What’s interesting though is that none of these what if’s are actually good things.

What if I look awkward?

What if I feel dumb?

What if…What if…WHAT IF?

All negative.

What about this what if: What if she really liked you?

The reality is that I can’t think of every single what if possible you may conjure up in your mind. The secret is to roll with the punches using a social anxiety test which I’m about to show you.

Social anxiety when it comes to dating

Here’s the reality. The what if’s will keep coming when it comes to dating. It’s very difficult to get rid of these thoughts completely, but what you can do is control your response to them.

Which is the most important part.

If you are SUPER shy and introverted, you can respond to these thoughts by saying, “SO WHAT!” and replacing it with a positive attitude.

The beautiful thing about this strategy is that you have the power how you view these interactions.

glass half full

Let me give you a few examples.

Example #1

Negative thought: What if the conversation comes to me and I can’t think of anything to say?

So what!

Positive attitude: That’s ok, the more I practice the better I will get.

Example #2

Negative thought: What if said something corny?

So what!

Positive attitude: Maybe they are having a bad day. I shouldn’t let an isolated incident determine the definition of that person.

Example #3

Negative thought: What if I have a conversation and came off boring to a girl I like?

So what!

Positive attitude: Not every conversation will be perfect. Things happen and I’m only human!

What matters here isn’t if you believe the so what response, so much as though you do it with a positive SO WHAT attitude.

Why positive interruption smashes social anxiety when it comes to dating

This quickly stops any anxiety building up and allows you to be positive at a critical point.

Interjecting with a good attitude helps you not resist the anxiety (which is a mistake), but allows you to move with it, but with a better perception.

The more you resist something, the more it will be top of mind. Do the opposite and you will see progress.

A year from now you are going to be a year older, what are you waiting for?